First Visit

New Patients

We welcome all children into our practice starting at 12 months of age. Parents are invited to accompany their child for the exam visit. We feel that it is important for your child to be as comfortable as possible during the first exposure to our dental office. The patient should be the center of attention, and the presence of siblings often disrupts the visit. If at all possible, brothers and sisters should remain in the reception room with a supervising adult. Very young children, usually those under the age of three, will be held by the parent during the visit. Older children will sit in the dental chair with the parent next to them. The child’s teeth will be examined and oral hygiene instructions given. Disclosing solution is placed on the child’s teeth with a large Q-tip to help you and the child see areas where plaque has been left on the teeth. Tooth brushing will be demonstrated, and if the child is able to accept the polisher, his teeth will be polished. A fluoride treatment will be given. We use fluoride varnish for the younger children, and a fluoride gel for children over 5 years of age.

Preparing for the First Visit

The first visit to the dentist should be stress free.  There are no complicated procedures, and you and your child should feel comfortable, and be able to learn about keeping a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Children learn by example.  If you believe that dental care is important, your child will follow your lead.  Dental care is important for a beautiful smile, good communication and chewing food.  You can communicate these reasons to visit the dentist to your child.  If your child has dental problems that you are aware of, please do not describe possible treatment based on your experiences.  Please be positive about the visit.  Absolutely no treatment will be given on the first visit until after Dr. Largent has discussed all possible treatment options with you, and you have had the opportunity to have all questions answered.

Our staff has been trained to work with children.  They each brought a love of children to our office, and you will notice that they communicate very well with the patients from the young child to the teenager.  They are very adept and gentle, and will try their best to put your child at ease.  We need your help.  Please refrain from using words that will cause unnecessary fear.  For example, the words “needle”, “pull”, “drill”, and “hurt” are all negative.  Even the statement that “Dr. Largent will not hurt you” has a negative connotation.  If you need help in telling your child what will happen at the dental office, please contact one of our staff members.  They will be happy to share the explanations we use to prepare the children.

You will be asked to complete a new patient form when you arrive at the office.  To help you prepare for this we have provided a new patient form, so that you may become familiar with the questions before the appointment.  You may also wish to arrive a few minutes early to complete the forms.

Check-In Form

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